This website is a labour of love which, as you know, is a confluence of affection and exasperation, impulse and persistence – and occasional bursts of expletives.
In taking these pictures and writing these stories – consider the theories an aberration – I have tumbled through many emotions. They have made my life rich and wholesome, if at times also unhinged and unbridled.
The one thing that is common to all that’s on this website is my utter immersion. The outcome has mattered, the destination has mattered, but not as much as the process, the journey.
Ultimately, that’s how I see myself. To fellow mammals of a curious and unpretentious disposition, I am a fellow journeyman. 
I am delighted to have you here, meandering through this compilation. Should you be tempted, do share your own experiences that you feel could be put up on this site. If you’d like to contact us, I am sure you will find a way.
Meanwhile and after, stay curious and crazy. 

Meet the Aesthete-Arranger

Satyadeep aka Satyadoorva has done what few do: suffer my niggling suggestions with equanimity. 
He has worked painstakingly to construct this site from scratch, happily experimenting with layouts and fonts. I am a sucker for fonts, and so is he. I suppose it’s the aesthete in him, the one that took him into a Bachelors in English Literature  and then a Masters in Computer Application.
Please feel free to contact Satya if you want to discuss this site or any other.