Nature is perhaps more appealing for all its deviances, which only accentuate – and get accentuated by – the impeccably laid out patterns and proportions.
Many of us seek to arrange neatly the events in our lives, we seek tidiness – predictability, security, stability.
We have been led to believe that we are beyond Nature, that we can control it and improve it, organize it cleverly – no disruptions. Such hubris!

August 21, 2020


There is this certain disarming simplicity in the intricacies, a calm chaos in what initially looks like order.
I sit there in that one corner every morning, contemplating a new set of motley characters from various perspectives.
Straightforward lines and colours – that’s how they present themselves at first; and then, soon enough, as confounding composites of spirals and shades and layers. Just like people.

August 19, 2020


Nature, it appears, is a study in paradoxes. The closer you go, the longer you gaze, the more intriguing it gets.
I share with you, in seven parts, a series of immersive everyday meditations.
This immersion has kept me centered and curious, and taught me how to slide from loneliness into solitude.

August 19, 2020