September 4, 2021


By admin
There’s this big little green pond,
Which I think is really a marsh.
It’s bountiful, buzzy and bushy,
Some souls might find it harsh.

Bird is busy stalking a bee,
Drake is busy chasing a duck.
Some words shouldn’t be rhymed,
But I can think of luck and pluck.

Butterfly sleeping in the hedge,
Dragonfly on every tree.
I’m trying to be a poet here,
Even if no merit therein you see. 

Nature is so full of wonder,
I hear you say with such glee.
Oh it’s so pretty and soothing,
Sylvan, idyllic, joyous and free!

Come with me all ye faithful,
Go close butt watch your behind.
Yes, flowers and birds and all that,
Also thorn, worm, spider all kind.