March 8, 2021


By admin

One face to another, I feel like a cartographer mapping obscure terrains of unfinished emotions. In each face is a passing glimpse of profound personal history: fictive and real, exaggerated or muffled.

Some eyes seem to be saying something unsayable, some asking something they’d rather not. I see callow fervency in one, friendly disengagement in another. In many, the lingering warmth of a fleeting communion.

Momentary becomes momentous, mundane becomes mystical.

My head burbles with interpretations. What might be the stories and philosophies contained in those waspish frowns, disarming smiles, weatherworn wrinkles?

Perhaps in wanting to unravel those narratives, I am only trying to enrich mine.

PS: Most of the moments are unscripted, a few are staged. Just like in real life.