January 22, 2021


By admin

January 2020

Joginder’s avian taxonomy is disarmingly ingenuous: birds that he can’t identify are classified as either fudguddi or kuchkuchiya, evocative vernacular for any creature that hops and cheeps.

After I tease him that most birds would qualify as either or both, he has been more discerning, memorising the names of those that visit us every day. Our little balcony has become a restaurant, rest-stop and circus for ringnecks, red-vented bulbuls, robins, pigeons, laughing doves, sparrows and, occasionally, a purple sunbird. 

The ringnecks are the most frequent and the most entertaining, chattering and gurgling while they nibble. One particularly feisty parrot spends considerable energy squawking at trespassers. Another has a penchant for an inverted worldview.

The bulbuls routinely steal the wild berries we collect from BioD and put in a flower pot to germinate. The robin flutters in once around 8 am and then around 5 pm, rests in a dark corner for a few minutes, and then takes off.

Not far from the balcony, we delve into another enchanting ecosystem in the neighbourhood garden. We watch ladybirds strolling and snuggling in the folds of chrysanthemum petals, and bees diving in and out with a tremendous sense of purpose.

There’s no new year in nature, just another season. This one has been a busy buzzy winter.