May 5, 2021


By admin

They come hurtling at us each day, the intimations of mortality, the tidings of loss and despair. We try to find balance, create a new equilibrium, seek some calm in the chaos.

Joginder and I have found this in a morning ritual of experimental photography. This is when I generate emotional energy – often out of emotional wreckage – so I can continue to conduct sessions on equanimity.

After breakfast, J gets busy setting up: black background, tumbler, water. Once he’s ready, onion in hand in a corner of our balcony, he calls out. It’s his version of ‘lights, camera, action.’

At the count of 3, he plops the onion into the tumbler and I press the shutter.

All goes swimmingly till he decides to indulge his own evolving aesthetics, pausing to take pictures on his phone. 

He’s also begun experimenting with tomato, karela and ginger, and releasing them from varying altitudes. It was his genius idea to infuse water with colour using turmeric, beetroot and coriander. 

He plopped from a little too high this morning and drenched me in beetroot water. No signs of regret. I guess he considers this to be a small sacrifice in his devotion to art.

Later in the evening we look in awe at the dramatic images. J offers his own theories on projectiles and hydrodynamics – which vegetable from what height creates which kind of splash.

I offer my own theories on life: Water is protean. So are you and I. In that is anchored our fluidal emotional journey. 

Life is a series of random splashes.


After a pause, he announces, “I’ll try garlic tomorrow.”