December 17, 2020


By admin

Dec 14, 2020

The Bonduc Nut is a little like you and me: It has several monikers; different people interpret it differently, find their own meaning in it; how one sees it depends on where the light falls; and it protects itself fiercely. 

Among its many names, I find Wait-a-While the most charming. Also, it’s a fitting tagline for 2020.

Sheetla Prasad Maurya ji, the affable watchman and now a dear friend at Biodiversity Park, prefers his vernacular Gantaran and Latakaranja.

Sandeep, Joginder and I gingerly pick a few of the thorny nutcases. We want the green teens, the brown adults, and the charcoal elders, some of which look like oysters with pearls.

In the world of Ayurvedic healing, Bonduc is as precious. Maurya ji spiritedly narrates the many benefits of the shrub while he directs us to a cluster. 

We chide each other when we get distracted by the many gorgeous butterflies we see today – we count 11 different varieties (and shoot a few). 

Wait a while, we tell each other, the nut comes first.

PS: This is my last post of this daunting yet enriching year. It made me unravel – like the Bonduc and the butterflies – in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It revealed to me some of my own pearls and wings, my own thorns. 

Thank you very much for being part of my journey!